July 2008

I thought this week I would step back and get a bit philosophical. I know many are going through hard times, due to real estate issues or flooding or hurricanes or job loss. This little parable is an old story, but one of my favorites. It never fails to […]

I’ve noticed that when the economy slows down, many of my clients stop marketing their businesses because they’re afraid to spend the money. I think this is a big mistake! When business slows down, it’s a great time to increase your marketing. Why? Two reasons. First, you’re looking to […]

Did you know that you can browse blogs and forums your target market reads for about an hour a week and be marketing your business? You can! First, find blogs and forums that attract your target market. The topic should generally be related to your business in some way, […]

I’m so thrilled to be finally posting my first “real” blog entry. As some of you know, I sent out an ezine for years, but it’s been years now since I sent the last one. Yikes! Perhaps now is a good time to reinforce the importance of staying in […]