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A term you may have heard is “marketing automation”. You may not know exactly what that means, though. Marketing automation is focused on providing your leads and prospects customized information based on their behavior and interactions with your website and company. And it means doing it automatically. Most of […]

This time I have just one small but important tip for getting your newsletters read. How readable is your ezine or newsletter on mobile devices? Many people read their email on a smartphone these days so you want to make sure your email messages are easily read there. In […]

A key aspect of running a successful business is to find ways to get in front of – and stay in front of – your ideal clients. This is true both online and offline. We’re going to focus on online business here. How Can You Get in Front of […]

This week I heard a terrific tip for getting more people to register for your free teleclass. Wherever you advertise your class, whether on your website or in an email, don’t put the time of the class – just the date. You’ll find that many more people will register […]

We all know that having a large, responsive list is the best asset you can have to make money online. Did you know you can get someone else to build your list for you? If you know – or can find – someone who serves the same audience as […]

A client calls me, anxious about a subscriber who’s not getting her emails. “What’s wrong?” my client wants to know. “Is my email service not working? How do we fix it?” And she wants me to tell her why the email isn’t being received by her client and how […]

In my last post, I shared with you that I’ve designed five streams of income for my business, and that the plan needs more detail before it would be really useful. All true. But there’s one major area that needs to be included in my plan – and in […]