Do you have a daily schedule that works perfectly for you – and you do it every day? If so, bravo! I find it difficult to find the ideal schedule. Perhaps that’s why I have trouble actually sticking to my schedule sometimes! 😉 When I was younger, I never […]

At the beginning of a new year, many of us take the opportunity to “reset” and get clear on our goals for the year and what systems we will use to work toward those goals. I’m one of those people. In this spirit, this week’s articles are all about […]

I feel strongly that business owners, especially solopreneurs, should spend their time on those things only they can do for their businesses – and only those things. It’s tempting for the coaches, consultants, healers, and others I work with to try to do everything themselves. Sometimes it’s an effort to save […]

Happy New Year! Many of you will have heard of choosing 3 words to guide your days for the year. I have decided to adopt this practice for 2014. My 3 words for 2014 are Centered, Disciplined, and Achieving. Centered: I feel best when I’m calm. And I’m definitely […]

I have breaking news for you: You don’t have to do everything in your business yourself! Now, you may be thinking, “That’s not news. I know that.” Yet I see business owners – often ones just starting out, sometimes ones who have a stable business – who are trying […]

Huh? No goals! Are you crazy? Well, maybe, but I think I’m onto something here, so bear with me for a minute. I’ve been discovering the deeper value of developing regular habits. And I think you should, too. Here’s why… Goal Setting 101 When I learned about setting goals, […]

There’s a basic technique I use regularly that has a big effect on how I experience my days. It seems way too simple to make so much difference, but I promise if you give it a try, you’ll notice a change in how you feel. What am I talking […]

  I ran across a blog post today by John Tabita  with a hunting vs. farming metaphor for attracting clients: I sometimes find myself focusing my days on hunting activities more than farming activities since the results are quicker and so those activities can feel more urgent. Maybe you’re […]

Do you ever find yourself with a zillion things to do, but you’re so overwhelmed by it all that you don’t seem to be accomplishing much? Even with so much to do, the feeling of overwhelm can sometimes paralyze us so that paradoxically, we don’t get anything done. I […]

OK, I know what you’re thinking. How can knowing too much about marketing be bad? Well, in my case, it’s because I know so many strategies and techniques that I have trouble focusing on any one of them long enough to be successful with it. I have a tendency […]