We’ve been discussing memberships for the last few weeks, so it only seemed appropriate that this week’s links to useful articles should be about membership programs as well. There’s some good stuff here, so check it out! Should You Build a Membership Site? “If you’re an expert in something […]

We’ve talked about ongoing monthly and fixed term membership structures. Another type of membership can focus primarily on a community of its members. While this can be a secondary benefit of some memberships – and when it is, it tends to not be successful long-term – it can be […]

As you consider starting a membership, you’ll need to decide which membership model you will choose. This is based on both the type and amount of content you will provide, as well as your preference and willingness to continuously generate new content. Here are some of the possibilities: Ongoing, […]

Many service and information providers believe they can make more money – and more consistently – by having a membership. And if they do it properly and have the right personality to keep up with it, they’re right. What makes a membership so great? It provides a recurring income […]