To-Do List

Recapping from last week… I was just about to order a journal to become my Bullet Journal when I saw that some people who liked the philosophy of the Bullet Journal said they used the ideas with an online tool called Workflowy. While I’d used or looked at least […]

In my poking around the productivity area in January, I ran across several paper goal and to-do list systems. It may seem strange that this techie girl was considering such a low tech solution. But what I had found was that no matter what online system I used, I […]

Forget time management! How do I manage the dreaded to-do list? I’m not sure I’ve figured out my last best way, but I promised I would talk about some of the to-do embellishments I’ve started using. I’ll do so, and then get into what topics I intend to share […]

Searching for “Time Management” in Google yields 431,000,000 results. Apparently, I’m not the only one who struggles to accomplish everything she wants to! However, I resist thinking of the problem as ‘time management”. That term makes it sound as though all would be well if I could just figure […]